What We Do

Building the future

The Jimmy Graves Foundation believes in the power of young people. We focus on a two-generational and community leader strategy, partnering with students, educators, student influencers, parents, and guardians to realize our mission to drive student engagement through leadership training and service-learning.

Developing Student Leaders

The Jimmy Graves Foundation develops young leaders by tapping into their passions to address real-world issues. Whether their goals are to improve their neighborhood, promote a healthy lagoon, lead a school club,  promote sportsmanship, or reform school safety, (feel free to select other issues that are important or sound good) the Jimmy Graves Foundation programming trains young people to become leaders on topics that matter to them. We work for and with youth to turn passions into skills, and to build and raise the platforms necessary for today’s young leaders to flourish.

Supporting Educators and Influencers

Quality professional development is at the heart of academic success and program effectiveness. As student influencers face an array of new and complex challenges — from meeting rigorous academic standards and working with increasingly diverse students, to campus safety and athlete transition— the Jimmy Graves Foundation helps educators and student influencers increase their knowledge of service-learning and youth leadership development.

Parent Engagement

Students are the beneficiaries when parents build strong partnerships and share responsibility, expertise and leadership vision. Few parents are ready to become a leader without some encouragement and support, and even those who are can be more effective if they receive some training.  The Jimmy Graves Foundation Parent Leadership program and training, enable parents to become practiced change agents for the next generation, leading advocates for youth, and paving the way for parents to take on key leadership roles, resulting in positive support of Indian River County students.   Parent Leaders may be parents, grandparents, kinship care providers, foster parents or anyone in a parenting role.





To build a strong leadership foundation while creating possibilities for student leaders to engage others in making an everlasting mark on the community and student body; in and out of the classroom.